Health & Yoga

Disease is the disappearance of natural ease.

Yoga philosophy aims at the prevention of the loss of our ease and peace. Most of the modern problems are due to wrong habits like — smoking, drinking alcohol, eating the wrong foods, over eating and stress.

Yoga aims at putting us back into natural living. Yoga follows certain path to attain this.

First of this is Asanas — physical postures. Asanas give mild pressures to certain body parts, squeezes out the toxins and provides fresh blood circulation to those areas.

The second is to educate people about how to breathe better. This is Pranayama. It is proved experimentally that we normally take only about 500 mls ( mls–millilitres ) instead of 3700 mls which our normal lung capacity. With proper practice of pranayama we can increase our lung capacity slowly.

Pranayama allows the entire body to get oxygenated and burns out toxins from cells. By breathing alone, we can prevent and cure many ailments.

The best way of course is not to put any toxins in our system. Our food should contain clean nutrition, free from any toxins & easily digestible.

The same holds good for mind. The mind is constantly fed upon our thoughts. Thought is the food for the mind. Thoughts affect both mind and body. Our thoughts also need to be nutritious. Positive & constructive.

Meditation is recommended in Yoga. First you need to know your present thoughts. Then you need to fill the mind with proper thoughts & lead a dedicated, selfless life.

Do everything for the joy of doing it. That is yoga. This is the yoga way to clean the body and mind so you can truly enjoy the life. You are relaxed and in good health always.

By: Pradeep Mahajan

Pradeep Mahajan: He is an engineer-MBA. He has multiple interests which primarily include health, investments, management & technological topics. Being a health enthusiast, he researches, studies & writes on health topics, often in consultation with medical & health professionals. He keeps track of proven ways for achieving better health & fitness through diet, exercises, stress management & healthy lifestyles. Do you want to learn more about current & other related articles? Visit [] for practically useful information on health & healthy lifestyles.

Live Healthy With Yoga

Every person in the world is concerned about their health and physical fitness. The hectic schedules of lifestyle and professional commitment often take away the much needed time from us to take care of our health and fitness. As a consequence we dedicate our time and effort on crash diets or other mode of losing weight like the consumption of synthetic supplements to get back into shape. We fail to acclimatize the adverse results which this hectic lifestyle can have on our body and mind.

There are people who prefer to work out and adhere to diet control practices to lose weight. Yoga is one of the most reliable processes to maintain a healthy body and mind. It teaches us the spiritual disciplines to maintain a healthy balance in our mind, body and soul. Tracing back its origin from the pages of Upanishads in ancient India, Yoga is the form of exercise that helps to control one’s body, mind and spirit. Earlier people use to prefer visiting gyms to shed a few kilos but with celebrities across the world zeroing down to the benefits of yoga to bring their body into alignment and derive the spiritual benefits from it, its popularity of seems to soar high.

Yoga unlike any other forms of physical exercises like jogging, swimming and gymming is practiced for mental and spiritual peace along with physical fitness. It is a science that is being practiced since thousands of years. The ancient theories, observations and principles come together to revitalize and rejuvenate the health and strength of our mind and body.

There are basic processes in which benefits can be derived from ancient health Yoga. The postures (Asana), breathing (Pranayama) and Mediation ensures physiological, psychological and biochemical benefits. Yoga is one of the most inexpensive methods from which one can garner immense health benefits. Practicing this ancient form of exercise gives you the sense of centeredness, coordination and grace. The postures like hot yoga postures invigorate your entire body with rejuvenation.

It is important to take health yoga training from expert yoga teacher who can suggest you the proper yoga asana and teach the correct yoga and hot yoga postures. With health yoga being practiced popularly across the globe a career as a health yoga teacher can be very lucrative. It increases your awareness about your own body. Small and subtle movements in health yoga and hot yoga improve the body alignment. When it comes to procuring efficacy as a yoga teacher Bikram Yoga provides the best training internationally. Over the years of relentless enterprise by Mr. Bikram Choudhury, Bikram Yoga emerged as the pioneering institute who provides yoga training and yoga teacher training for better health and lifestyle.